Warms my heart…

Dear Teresa,

I am Debbie Rosetti, owner of Kramer's Pet Boutique and Grooming Shoppe in Tullahoma TN.  I work closely with the Tullahoma Animal Shelter in fostering dogs in need along with Waiting For a Star to Fall Farm with donations and grooming.

Lily Pearl, a little Malti-Poo, was picked up by the shelter a couple of months ago.  Someone "dumped" her in the road one night and we concluded it was due to her many health issues.  You see, Lily was infested with fleas, had a yeast infection over her body and ears, the start of cataracts and had mammary gland tumors in most of the glands.  She stayed at the shelter for about a week, was vetted and then I took her in.  We showered her with love, got her cleaned up and scheduled her major surgery for the tumors to be removed.  Lily came back to us the day of her surgery for her long recovery.  We spent lots of time with Lily making sure she was comfortable and tending to her surgical site.  During this time, we found the perfect home for Lily.  They did not care that Lily had health issues or if she only had a few years left on this earth, they were willing to open their hearts and home to share with her.

After about 2 months of TLC and good food, Lily was able to go home with her new family.  It was better than anyone could have every imagined.  You see, there is a little girl that lives there with her GiGi that was waking up 4-5 times a night scared.  She was also very afraid when she would come into the shop here.  They started coming to visit Lily and I made it my mission to work with this little girl thru their new dog to help her overcome some of her fears.  I was updated that she now sleeps thru the night since Lily came home and sleeps on her NEW bed in the little girls room.  They were in yesterday for a bath and the little girl was so talkative with me and even helped me in the grooming room.  I am teaching her how to take care of Lily.  GiGi was so thankful when she left yesterday and just didn't understand how and why I did what I did.  My reply was...what does dog spell backwards?  She had tears in her eyes after that.

I have a service and therapy dog group, Realizing Dreams Thru Dogs, that I reach out to other with my dogs.  I do school presentations, nursing home visits, along with much more.  I am even in the process of donating a puppy from a litter of Standard Schnauzer puppies that I had this spring to a gentleman in a wheelchair.  I will be helping train his new dog as his service dog along with donating everything that is needed to set up for a new dog.

I want to close with a huge thank you for the beautiful dog bed you donated to Lily.  As you can see in the picture, she loves it.  She lays on it like a little queen...LOL  Thanks to Gaia at Holistic for sending the bed to me for Lily.

Thank you,
Debbie Rosetti
Kramer's Pet Boutique