Serbia Bag!

Dear Teresa,
I've received your bag few months ago, but I'm sending those photos now. I'm sorry for delay, but since I saw this bag, it reminded me on the sea. So I had to take photos of it somewhere on the beach. Finally I get home from my vacation and here are the pictures.
This bag has traveled a lot. I live in Serbia, but the photos are from small town in Montenegro (on the Adriatic sea). Hope you'll like them.
By the way, we use it all the time!
Thank you for such a wonderful gift, and THANK YOU for carrying about our planet.
Love from Belgrade, Serbia ♥
Olga # 20525 

(bag won in THIS freebie)


Harmony said...

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! It's the perfect combo of GBL + HA + Planet = LOVE. Thank you!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I KNOW, I could not agree more Harmony! :)