Photo Finish Friday

Little Man and Little Neighbor (how sweet is this?)
I have now decided that on Fridays I will post a photo and some fun links for you to enjoy.

Love everything about this artist.

Gorgeous starfish. (thanks Harmony)

I want to go there.

Awesome upcycle! And here too.

YES on all of these.

I MUST do this. Except I would use a metal straw.

 Have a great weekend! Thanks for all the sweet comment about losing my aunt. XO--Teresa


harmony said...

That photo is precious!
Agree about the artist - super cool!
The upcycling reminds me of my Bagette Dad bag!
I LOVE the travel jar + metal straw. MUST. DO. THIS.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Harmony. Maybe we can make the travel jar together! :)