New Years Green Resolutions Freebie!

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you keep them? We would like to make 2013 a greener year for you. We have some great kits to give away to help you in your quest for a healthier planet. Each kit contains 2 shopping bags, 4 produce bags, one reusable water bottle and 2-3 snack bags. No more plastic bags at the grocery, no more bottled water and no more snack baggies. We've got you covered. Which set strikes your fancy?

Chocolate + Raspberry
 Strawberry + Lime
Flowers + Rain
 Mango + Circus
 Earth + Sky
 And 2-3 of these cute snack bags…
Are you in? Want to be greener in 2013? We'd love to send you a kit!

To enter this freebie:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•In your comment tell us which set above is your favorite.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 9pm(CST) Thursday, Jan 3, 2013. (winners will be posted here and notified by email no later than Jan 4)

Don't forget to leave us your email!

We will ship internationally. FIVE Winners will be chosen at random but we will try to match winners with their favorite kit.

A special THANK YOU to Bagette April for making many of these shopping bags and all of the snack bags!

Thanks to all of you for entering! Good luck! Teresa

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Ellie said...

Thanks for the giveaway! email is ellen.boudreau(at)gmail(dot)com. The chocolate+raspberry is my favourite, but they're all beautiful!

Sundays Child said...

Flowers and Rain is my favourite. :-) Thank you so much for again hosting a wonderful, worthwhile giveaway. I don't know how you do it, how you continue to keep it up, but it's very inspiring. Happy New Year to you all, Best Wishes for 2013.
Julie Andrea

Elena said...

Happy New Year, Teresa! Thanks for the New Year contest! All sets of bags are nice. Me more like a set of Chocolate + Raspberri. My email address is: bes771(AT)yandex(DOT)ru

Marie said...

Flowers and rain or chocolate/raspberries.
They are all beautiful


Theresa, you are wonderful. Thanks for everything you do.

Sarah_L_N said...

I love Mango + Circus, such bright, fun colours!

krisgray said...

They're all lovely - please put me down for Earth + Sky. Thank you for all the great work. I "wrapped" hubby's gift and DS's teacher gift in the Christmas gift bags - a big hit!


Helen said...

Earth & Sky or Mango & Citrus. These will make great gifts to a few of my friends :) Thank you so much for all you do! Happy new year!

Helen G.

Sharon P said...

I love the chocolate and raspberry combo- i love your bags - thank you for all you do!


nicolesender said...

Earth + Sky is my favorite but all are really nice! Happy New Year!

Sue H. said...

Oh how to choose! I say Chocolate & Raspberry. Happy New Year!


Kristi ~ Ohio said...

I like the Chocolate & Raspberry combination. They are all great bags! Thank you for the nice giveaway. Kristi

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I like flowers+rain


Anonymous said...

OOHHH!!!!! I love the flowers and rain!!!! Awesome giveaway!!!


Johanna Z. <3

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Mango-Circus, so bright and colorful.


Anonymous said...

Oh how to choose. All are wonderful but food does have a wonderful ring. Chocholate Raspberry and Strawberry Lime would have to be my top picks. Thanks so much for all that you do. Happy New Year wellman.misty(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Mango and Citrus are soooooooooo bright I love them

silverpromidi(at)promidi (dot com ) (dot au )

Kerry W

Anonymous said...

I love the earth and sky, but any will do! hollistomato(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I am not picky, so I would be happy with any pattern

Anonymous said...

I love Mango + Circus very much.
My email is am290379(at)gmail(dot)com

Viktor said...

I am really happy for chance to get a bag.
kastaneda37 (at) gmail (dot) com

Nadya said...

Wow, your email was first in this year. I will be happy to get Chocolate + Raspberry. rathope (at) gmail (dot) com

Maria said...

Amazing bags! I would like to receive the chocolate & raspbery but other is very good too!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be greener in 2013 and, of course, it'll be easier with the help of Flowers + Rain bags set. Happy New Year and thanks for a giveaway.
tintino4ka (at) yandex (dot) com

Elisabeth said...

I try not to use any plastic bags at all but sometimes they do sneak into my house via my husband.
I love all of them but chocolate + raspberry are my favourites.
Thank you so much for this great giveaway!


SisterCraft said...

Teresa, Happy New Year!!! We're in! Mango and Circus are so colorful! Nataliya at sistercraft (at) mail (dot) ru

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year! All the best! I like Strawberry + Lime better! That's because I imagined myself with these bags and they suit me!
My e-mail: sfedorovich(at)yandex(dot)ru

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the New Year contest! All sets of bags are nice.I really like Flowers + Rain
Julia Rozova

Beth said...

Produce bags are among this year's resolutions for me, so your note was very timely.

Chocolate Raspberry is my favorite.

wordygirl (at) earthlink (dot) net

Julia said...

They are all so beautiful! I like the Strawberry and Lime the best. Thank You for all that you do! Happy New Year to You and Your Family! :)


Rhonda D. said...

What a great Resolution for 2013!
Go Green! They are all so pretty.
I do like the Chocolate & Raspberry
or Earth & Sky. Thanks for the chance to win!


lubov nurutdinova said...

Happy New Year, Teresa! Are you the real Santa - such gifts in the New Year! Thank you! I enjoy Mango + Circus! scorpilove081(at)gmail(dot)com

Sapnis said...

What a wonderfull sets. My favorite is Earth and Sky, but all of them are beautifull!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year all at Green Bag Lady!!
Love the snack bags/bottle idea!!!
Smitten with strawberry and lime!

Despina said...

Happy new year to all!!
I'd love to have a set of yours, I like them all but Chocolate + Raspberry is my favorite :-)


Joanna-Gloria said...

Chocolate + Raspberry is so lovely but I'd be happy with any!
Happy New Year!


Zaharoula said...

I love them all!
If I have to choose one, I'd say Mango + Circus. makes me smile just to look at these colors!

Happy new year to all!


Emily Salvi said...

They are all beautiful but I must go with Strawberries and Lime! Thank you for another great giveaway!


Lia*s Handmades said...

My favourite is Earth & Sky. Thanks for the chance to win!

Kira Tsvetyukha said...

I wish you happy New Year! I especially liked the bag Mango + Circus!!!

Anonymous said...

Love mango and citrus.


Sharon said...

Happy New Year Teresa and family. Since I have been following you and won one of your bags you have helped to make me more aware of what going green is so Thank you!
I love the chocolate/raspberries and the mango/circus. Thanks for opening my eyes more..

Sharon said...

I forgot my email addy would be

Donna said...

I think Flowers and Rain is my favorite. Thanks for a great giveaway! mszacman(at)yahoo(dot)com

Катя Луцишин said...

I like Chocolate and Raspberry. Such a sweet and harmonious combination of colors! Warm and calm chocolate, and bright raspberry.
Happy new year! Inspiration and Success! Thank you very much for hosting a wonderful giveaway!


Maple Creek said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thanks for a great give-away!!! I love LOVE LOVE the Mango + Circus!!!



fishmen said...

Maria said...

Totally earth and sky all the way!!! Cuuuute! Wonderful!


One of my resolutions is to get some produce bags made. I've been re-using the ones I have, but they aren't going to last forever. Need some good cotton muslin ones!

Life on Roseberry Lane said...

I love them all, but mango circus is my favorite. Staceyroseberry(at)gmail(dot)com. I can't wait to start using them!

Alexander said...

I am happy to have a chance to get a bag. I like all your bags

Sam Breen said...

Another fantastic freebie! I love the chocolate + raspberry. Thank you for everything you do and here's to another successful year!

sjmbreen (at) gmail (dot) com

Nina said...

I like all your bags, give me one or two or ten or ...

Dona Reynolds said...

Love the Strawberries & Lime. Teaching my gkids to be 'green'.

Anonymous said...

Mango + Circus is the favorite of mtm(at)sccoast(dot)net.

melsdaisypatch said...

My Favorite is the Flowers + Rain. I love them all though. Thanks for a wonderful and useful giveaway!!
melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) said...

Oh these are so cute. I love the Strawberry-lime and the chocolate- raspberry. These both are my favorite. I love those snack bags too. They are too cute. What a great idea instead of using paper bags. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy New Year. Best wishes to you, your dad and your family in the new year. amy_cj79(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Darlene said...

What a great New Year's resolution -- a quest for a cleaner planet. I'm going to do my best and take that challenge. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite set is the Chocolate + Raspberry.
Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

April said...

I don't really make resolutions each year but I've been getting greener and greener as I get older and while I have one shopping bag, going in for a regular shopping trip requires more so here I am! I like the Earth + Sky set best.
april [dot] vrugtman [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Hi! All bags are great, but like the chocolate raspberry best. Thank you, dweisfeld(at)yahoo(dot)com
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Love the chocolate and raspberry. Happy New Year!

Mel J.
mkjacquot (at) gmail (dot) com

onlyadele said...

I like the Mango & Circus collection. Very colorful. Hope you have a great year in improving our environment.
Adele Briggs

cathy antone said...

Happy new years
I love all of the bag sets but I really love the mango & citrus. such bright colors to start the year off right.
Keep up the great work
CAthy Antone
cjantone(at) frontier(dot) com

Marivbg said...

Earth + Sky - I love it. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
etomoye(at)gmail (dot) com

Dawn said...

Happy New Year! I love the Mango = Circus. Thanks for another terrific giveaway :)

PavE said...

All the holiday! I like everything, I'll be glad to any set.

College said...

While I really like them all, my favorite is the Mango/Citrus because it reminds me more of the Beach, which I LOVE. The world is definitely
"greener" because of you and will remember you well after you are gone.
Happy New Year Green Bag Lady.

Anonymous said...


Keep the good work flowing :)

Mango + Circus is my fave

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another giveaway! Flowers and rain is my favorite as I am a Master Gardener.
But they are all awesome!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the New Year contest! Me more like a set of Earth + Sky.
My email address is

ViVy said...

I could not resist the temptation! Shame on me ...
But I Love Mango + Circus ♥
Even I have my bags, I love and use a lot!
My email: vivygalan (at) gmail (dot) com
Thank you and good year for all of you!

Carla G said...

I like the Mango & Citrus the best! Thanks for a chance to win! :)
bcgeates at netbistro dot com

bente said...

Mango and Circus is my favorite! Thanks!!

Tamara said...

Happy New Year, Teresa!

I love the Earth + Sky, colorful and bright!! =)


Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hello I really like your bag, I love your work! you just super, that give to the world such beauty!! wish you good luck and prosperity in your work! my little son sends you a kiss! he is also very much like your beautiful things!
Oksana ks86-86.86 @

Lee said...

Happy 2013! Chocolate and Raspberry is my favorite! thank you!
butler83ataoldotcom said...

Happy New year! ! ! Thank you, Theresa, for such opportunities to help our planet! It is pleasant to realize that there are not indifferent people to our mother Earth! I like Earth + Sky.

Елена Станчева said...

I just fell in love with Strawberry+Lime, shades here next summer! I really want them in the gift! In the meantime, Happy New Year!

Dilara said...

Awesome giveaway! Happy New Year!♥♥♥
My favourite is Mango + Circus, they are so shiny as a summer day ^^


Tatiana said...

Dear Teresa! I admire you and your kindness! I love all the sets, but most of all Mango + Circus. I really want to get it. Once I found you, I want to do charity. I am 30 years old, my name is Tatiana, I'm a housewife and mother. I would think that I can do with their hands, to help people.

With love and respect, Tatiana, Russia, Caucasus

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Anonymous said...

Шоколад+Малина очень нравятся, а так они все красивые очень)))
С Новым годом)) zlatavlasochka(b)mail(точка)ru

admin used Bing to xlate the above. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS IN ENGLISH!

Chocolate + Raspberry like very much, and so they are all very beautiful)))
Happy new year)) zlatavlasochka (at) mail (dot) ru

Steph B said...

They are all great combos!

hueisei said...

Thanks for the chance to win the bag.
Save the earth by using a fabric bag.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the Chocolate + Raspberry set. Thank you!


Lyn said...

Earth and Sky ...great stripe! catalysttx (at) satx(dot)rr (dot)com

Carolyn said...

The chocolate + raspberry is my favorite although they are all beautiful.

Debbie said...

How did I not know about these before now??? They are awesome!
I like Chocolate + Raspberry


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is an amazing giveaway. It's hard to choose which one... I'm gonna have to say the Chocolate and Raspberry is my favorite.

Thank you!


Kompot said...

Chocolate + Raspberry is my favourite. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you all!

Ksenia said...

There are amazing people, which in the modern world of plastics and exhaust gases, are concerned about the environment. Thank you, that you care about the future of us and our children! I liked very much the bags of the Earth and the Sky, their colours and drawings show how incredibly beautiful nature of things not polluting our planet!
Evseeva Ksenia

Anonymous said...

At last send me a free bag, I want it
I like Christmas presents, send me a bag.
My email is

Jolien said...

They're all so pretty, way to start another green year! <3

But if I have to pick, the chocolate/raspberry is my favourite. Who can resist chocolate?!

Thank you so much and hope you'll have a great 2013! <3

jolien_848 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Olga Dyakova said...

Heppy New Year!
These bags are beautifuls. My favorits are "Flowers + Rain" and "Манго + цирк".
Thank You for the opportunity to get bags.

Goda said...

I adore Mango+Circus!

John Narrow said...

zkekman(at)gmail(dot)com Hallo! I want to go green! Green Rush! I liked Mango + Circus
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your gifts, very happy

Юлия Дан said...

Heppy New Year!
These bags are beautifuls. My favorits are "Flowers + Rain".
Thank You for the opportunity to get bags.


TransFarmer said...

earth and sky

outofi (at) yahoo (dot) com

admin said...


There will be another soon. admin.

Елена Корзун said...

Hello from occurring you all the holidays!!! I'm a big fan of your work. Me all the colors and your bags like very much. They like a rainbow in the cold time. You and your assistant, family is very talented. I understand that you already flooded with requests about getting your beautiful bags, but I would still very much like to get your piece of the rainbow (free Green Bag Lady) and to our North. My mail: You health, success, prosperity!

Elena said...

Hello! Chocolate + Raspberry is my favourite. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you all!

J said...

Cool blog and things you create! Even better that we can participate no matter what country! :)
My email: judith.ql(at)gmail(dot)com.
Greetings from rainy Normandy!