Quick Christmas Shirt

Ok, so this is for all you sewists out there. But, if you are a newbie at sewing, it's ok, this is super simple. We are ALL going to ignore my crappy iPhone photos. I didn't come up with this until tonight so…

I was reading my friend Jan's blog and she had made a super cute shirt for her granddaughter. I thought it was so sweet and darling that some of the little peeps of the female gender in my life needed one!

Forward to today when Bagette Ann and I were at WalMart picking up items for our Angel Tree at church when I spotted some green lace. I looked for the kind that Jan used to no avail, but I had a different idea.

Here it is! I love how it turned out…
Aaaand, because I can't make just one of anything (22,000 bags, I'm looking at you) I made a bunch! My sweet nieces and Little Neighbor will get them. Yay!
Here's how to make your own. First, apply fusible interfacing to the back front of the shirt. I used Pellon 950F. I do this with all t-shirts I appliqué. It's a good rule of thumb. Never appliqué on the bare knit, it's a mess, promise.
Next position your lace straight across about 1/2 down the shirt from the neck. I started at the right on all of them. Pin in place.
 Keep going pinning at the sides, just keep folding the lace over.
Trim any extra. I used about 1 yard of lace for each shirt.
Position in your sewing machine. Make sure you don't catch any other part of the shirt while you are sewing. I used green thread and you can't even see it. Bonus!
Here is the pattern of stitching that I used. I started at the bottom and followed the red arrows and came back down the tree following the blue arrows. It worked great. Make sure you sew the raw edges of the lace at the bottom and the top.
 I then used invisible thread (which is kind of a nightmare to use, just use green or machine stitch) to apply the sequins.
 Tadah! All finished for Little Neighbor to wear!
I love these kinds of projects that can be done quickly with simple materials. The lace was $1 at WalMart if you are interested. It came on a little spool of 3 yards. Go make one! Teresa

PS, Jan got the idea for her shirt HERE. I want to make sure that Vixen Made gets credit for my inspiration!


Unknown said...

Wonderfull t-sherts, thanks for sharing with idea and masterclass =)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are welcome Sapnis, I hope you make some!

MissesStitches said...

What a great variation of the shirt made by Vixen Made! I really like your idea, and will use it when I can't find any more of the wide lace!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Jan. I might have to get more of this lace! :)

Unknown said...

Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this with me, I love what you did! Have a great day!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Vixen Made!