Mexican Bag Maker!

Thank you so much.  I am now working on my third bag.  I am here in a small town in Mexico starting a composting project.  We are so behind the times here as far as recycling reusing and being green.  We have been going to the farmers market every Sunday to spread the word and try and help people understand what it means to go green.  I noticed that no one uses reusable bags at the farmers market.  I decided to put my sewing machine to good use and try and make these bags.  This design is perfect for what I was looking for it is simple and quick and they are pretty cute.  I have attached one of the bags I made.  I just wanted to say thanks and because you are also green I thought you would like to hear that your YouTube video was put to very good use.




You have no idea how much this warms my heart. This is EXACTLY what I want people to do with the pattern and the video. Make change where THEY live. Thank YOU for making bags. I hope you keep making them and give some away too. I hope you will also encourage others to make them as well. They don't have to be perfect. The vegetables won't notice.

Your bag looks great and I also adore how you have lined up the okra on your counter!

Keep it up. I am now one of your biggest fans! Teresa


Sue Haebig said...

Such a wonderful thing you are doing Lindsay. You too are an inspiration. Best of everything as you share the Green message with others! Sue

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Sue!

Lindsay Torfin said...

Thank you both! It is such a huge motivator to have encouragement.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Of course Lindsay, you go girl!!!!

Елена Корзун said...

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Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you for your comment Angelo. Please check back frequently for a freebie post and enter at that time. Currently, there is not a freebie going on.