Some sewing and crafting…

At the end of holiday break, Little Girl decided there simply was not enough crafting going on. She brought this book into the sewing room and announced that we must make gnomes. Well of course, one can never have too many gnomes. Paging through she settled on some with wood balls for heads and felt clothes. I may have helped to pick out these particular gnomes as I knew we had the supplies on hand.

The book was given to Little Girl a couple years back for her birthday by my mother-in-law. It is really lovely and available here if you are interested.

The second photo is the result of our joint effort. I helped with a bit of stitching on the clothes and getting them on the dolls, she did the rest. Then, we boxed up the family and send them to said mother-in-law for her birthday. I think they turned out just darling.

Of course, I cannot waste a perfectly good day of crafting without a project too! I got out this book (one of my all time favorites) and made this little purse to add to the birthday gift. I hear my mother-in-law was thrilled. I have a great MIL, not one of those that people makes jokes about. She is a sweet and wonderful woman. Really. Happy Birthday Barbara! Teresa