Blog Hop

Today I'm going to send you overseas on a Blog Hop. First up is Natalia in Moscow. She did a nice blog post about her Green Bag Lady bag #22590. Check it out HERE and make sure you translate at the top so you can read it.
And, another Natalia in Perm, Russia sent us THIS link. Natalia won this bag made out of Harmony Art organic fabric in this Flash Mob over at Sister Craft Blog (who is also named Nataliya). Another bag winner from the Flash Mob was posted HERE.
I hope you have had fun doing a little blog hopping. Now, get back to work! Teresa


Bagette Dad said...

Ok, Ok, I'm working, translating blogs, shipping bags :)
Bagette Dad

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Keep up the good work Dad!

Никитина Наталья Валентиновна said...

Thank you for my photo in your blog!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Of course! Thank you for taking the photographs, they look great!