My Dirty Little Secret…

Here it is for all to see. Many, many months worth of plastic bags. My dirty little secret from behind the garbage can. Try as hard as I do, I still have plastic bags coming into our house! Ugh! Even though we are religious about using fabric bags for shopping, produce, etc. We still get bags from:

•the daily newspapers (local and the Wall Street Journal, often DOUBLE bagged! UGH!)
•bread/torilla bags (yes, I try to make my own as often as possible)
•other packaging

And, for example, the "Thank You" bag above came into my house by other means such as a parent or teacher sending something home with my kids in it.

The newspaper bags pile up quickly (2-3 per day). My husband LOVES to read the paper and drink coffee in the morning and he simply does not want to do it online. I wish if there was NO sign of rain that they would leave the bag OFF the paper.

I have these ready to go to Target for recycling today. Did you know that Target also recycles aluminum, glass, plastic beverage containers, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges?

Alright, now you all know. Teresa


Sunnybec said...

ROFL...... I hope the teacher didn't literally send that plastic thank you bag "with your kids in it"..... tee hee There is far too much packaging these days, it takes hours to get an item out sometimes, and it really isn't necessary. Linda

Maria said...

I got used to reading online after only a couple of weeks. Never looked back. The only time I miss books that are paper are reference ones like making soap (and I want to flip to the recipe or double check something 8 pages back and it isn't bookmarked.)

I use the leftover tortilla bags to bag garbage that won't go out right away--and freeze it (crab shells, bones, etc.) They make nice bags that don't leak in the freezer for trash!

I used to take my plastic bags to recycle, but found out that they throw them away. Austin had too many coming into the recycle plants so they simply stopped taking them. There are not enough recycle plants that can handle that type of bag. I'm not even sure if Austin EVER handled those bags.

But I am guilty too. There are still plastic bags in this house! We get a newspaper that we don't even want--and it is wrapped in a bag. There's no way to cancel it. It's paid for by ads and is dropped in the driveway each week.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@Sunnybec, I hope not! :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@Maria--My hubby uses the tortilla bags a lot for sandwiches when he packs his lunch, bread bags too.

I have heard that about the plastic bags many years ago. I am SO very much hoping they have resolved that. Maybe not. I don't know what happens to them in the end here in Nashville but I do know a few women that work directly with recycling and they have told me that they DO indeed get recycled here. One can hope!

Yes, on Wednesdays, we get 3 papers, local, WSJ AND the ad one that you are talking about! Sheesh!

Maria said...

I know they don't recycle them in Austin--that's part of the reason they stopped allowing us to put them in the recycle bin and also the reason they went to the program of "buy a bag if you don't bring your own." That starts March 1 and we'll see how it goes. In the last 5 years I've already seen a lot more people using cloth bags, but we are not the majority (yet). The ban on one-time plastic bags will help...I hope.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@ Maria--I know what you mean. I keep hoping that when I go to the grocery store I will see the majority of people with their own bags. Sadly, that is not the case. Change will not happen until people are CHARGED for the bags. I'm sure.

Arthur said...

Love your blog! Keep up the green work. Just wanted to share a suggestion about the plastic bags coming via your newspaper delivery. I have done this type of work myself before in the past. I too would many times double bag my paper's on rainy days so no one would end up with a wet soggy paper. When I did this I had to pay for the plastic myself out of what I made.Some of my customer's would save the plastic bags for me and then stick them somewhere where I could see them the next time I came around. This really helped me on the days when I was short on plastic or needed to double bag.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Arthur! I'm going to try and find out it I can give them back to the paper carrier!