Photo Finish Friday

My Little Man + Skateboard, taken 2/5/13
LOVE these installations! Upcycled art! Yes!

So cute! Let's all make some.

I want to see this movie.

Shame on you Toronto.

Still one of my fav music videos ever! Hilarious.

So pretty and made me smile. I want one!

Have a great weekend--Teresa


Paisley said...

I'm much too far away for a freebie but what a lovely green idea. Also, sweet pic of a sweet boy:)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


South Africa is not too far for us. We send bags to Russia all the time. Please let us know if you would like one!


Burovik said...

Yeah, Paisley, I confirm Teresa's words. Russia participates in this project quite intensively. Feel free to take part in the freebie! Right, Green Bag Lady?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes, that is correct Burovik, we send a lot of bags to Russia and happy to send one to South Africa!

harmony said...

Little Man is not so little any more. . . sigh. :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@harmony, I know…another sigh…