Ukraine Bags!

We have our Green Bags now! Hurrah!!!
We are:

Oksana Khlapova--Vinnytsia, VINNYTSIA, UKRAINE--23052
Artem Khlapov--Vinnytsia, VINNYTSIA, UKRAINE--23053
Ann Khlapova--Vinnytsia, VINNYTSIA, UKRAINE--23054
Alex Khlapova--Vinnytsia, VINNYTSIA, UKRAINE--23055
Mary Khlapova--Vinnytsia, VINNYTSIA, UKRAINE--23056

My daughters are happy! Nobody have such wonderful bags! THANKS!!!

Glad you like your bags, your daughters are adorable! Teresa


Burovik said...

The bag on the shoulder of the girl from the left looks pretty big. Just my size! I am looking forward to the arrival of my package though a long spell of time has passed since its dispatching...And I am sure nobody in my town possesses such a cute thing, I am gonna be the one and only!))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I hope you get your bag soon Burovik!