Coffee Bags

I love the look of upcycling burlap coffee sacks into another usable kind of bag. They look earthy, funky and cool. In fact, I was offered as many coffee bags as I could use for Green Bag Lady bags by the sweet people at Bongo Java. I did make some here and here. I like how they turned out.

However, my experience of sewing the bags has not been very fun. I needed to wash the dusty, bean filled bags before I sewed them (which was a lot of lint/debris in my washer and dryer). Then, when sewing them I wore a dust mask due to the amount of particles in the air. This is probably made worse by using a serger.

BUT, I really do LOVE the look of them and was reminded of that by this bag by Aranka Bandula (from Hungary) I spied on Recyclart. YUM! Teresa


Anonymous said...

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Sharon said...

I too like the natural look of burlap but what a mess to work with, I agree.

Maria said...

I just rinse them with the garden hose and if I need them smaller, I do some quick stitches by hand. BUT I use mine to store onions, lemons, potatoes, rice and the like. They are Superb for storing vegetables.

If you cut the bags all the way open, I cannot tell you how GREAT they are for covering veggies during a light freeze. They are also great stitched together to create light shade in the summer for veggies.