Luck-o-the-Irish Green Freebie!

Top-o-the-mornin' to you all! We have a St. Patrick's Green Freebie for you today. I know we are a bit early to be turning everything green but we want you to have your bag in time for festivities.

Since March 17 is the big day, we have 17-o-these-bags up for grabs. How about it? Need more green in your life?

Thought so.

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•In your comment tell us your favorite green thing.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 9pm(CST) Tuesday, March 5, 2013. (winners will be posted here and notified by email no later than March 6)

Don't forget to leave us your email!

We will ship bags internationally. 

17 winners will be chosen at random.

Thanks to all of you for entering! May the luck of the Irish be with you! Teresa

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Your bags are great!

quiltmom said...

I have won one of your bags before and use it all the time to carry books back and forth to school.
I love green - it is one of my favorite colors - I wear it often.
Thanks for the chance to win one of your bags.

Michelle Looi said...

I use you bags weekly for groceries! Hassle free! Green is my thing too!
Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that you do!
I love the bright green color of freshly blanched spinach :-)

Priyanka said...

Hi! Nice Bags!

Green for me is all about freshness.. fresh feel in food and especially my greenery green outings during monsoon ..

keep up the good work, wish you success :)

Best Wishes,
- Priyanka :)
Email: pinki.bhatnagar(at)gmail(dot)com

Maria said...

I can always use a new bag! And an old bag! Or is that for an old bag...


No extra t's needed, but I've been having trouble with spam. I think the bots are able to parse these things!

knittin' mama said...

Pretty colors! My favorite green is the the color of the new leaves on the trees! (Can't wait to see that here.)


JoAnn P said...

I just love your bags. They can be used for everything. Shopping or just carry something to the school or even the lake. Love taking mine shopping and have been asked about them.


Rebecca Auble said...

I LOVE these bags!


Burovik said...

I am a Taurus and maybe due to it my favorite color is green. And of course I prefer spring to winter!


Amie Carle said...

I love the idea behind your work. Recycling is so important. Keep up the good work!

Lolli said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Love these!! My 10 tear old swiped the last one I got from you!!


Thanks for the chance to win again!!

Sarah_L_N said...

My favourite green thing is apples! I love a nice apple :) Pears too, but they can be tricky! blondie19012k(at)hotmail(dot)com

Louise said...

I don't have one of your bags yet, but I will enter for another chance at one :) They look wonderful! :)
My favorite green thing would be seeing an inch worm inch its way across a blade of grass, such amazing creatures :)
(this would mean the warm weather is again upon us, cannot wait! )
thank you for the contest, so very generous of you!

raggedydollie (at) Yahoo (dot) com

Lia*s Handmades said...

These are beautiful!
My mum would so love to have one too, so I would pass it on to her if I won :)


Anonymous said...

These look great! My favorite green thing at the moment is granny smith apples--can't get enough of them! Thanks! 2amspeak(at)gmail(dot)com

Emilia L said...

Artichokes (with a side of melted butter, of course)! Thanks for the give away!
emlouy (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

green for me - it is the grass, the trees, it is summer, it is the freshness and lightness. I like it. and the green bag will perfectly complement my summer look.


Lori said...

Please please please..can I have another bag...I love mine..but my mom took it and won't give it back...

Lori Holmes
p.o. box 970
gualala, ca 95445

Delorise said...

I love your bags and I keep trying to win. lol I love green money and green fabrics. Truth is I just love fabrics. My email... shesdevilish40(at)yahoo(dot)com

evca said...

very cooool colors

yooohooo it's spring :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite green thing is Spring! After a long Winter here, near Lake Superior, I can't wait for the greens of Spring!


Sue D said...

Great selection of green bags! My favorite green thing is when my garden seeds peek up through the soil.
slrdowney (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...


Thank you :)))

Anonymous said...

It would be great to have a green, green bag. Thanks for your giveaways. carreonmom(at)verizon(dot)com.

Максим Зайцев said...

Good morning, at least I now have the morning, then woke up and saw the message and wanted to participate, I have a lot of things especially green like my army jacket with stripes and patches, and yet I have green eyes so here I am a all green. Good luck to all friends.
thing69981 (at) gmail (dot) com

Melissa Graham said...

Love the bags. Great for groceries and even for taking you laptop along with you in the car!! One of my favorite green things to see is the leaves on the trees in the summer. New favorite green thing to eat is Avocado. YUMMY

melsdaisypatch (at) gmail (dot) com

April said...

I love your bags, they are all so unique and useful!
april dot vrugtman at gmail dot com

Blomsten said...

I like Green Bag Lady very much, I have one bag and use it with pleasure every day and I would be absolutely happy to get Irish Green! :-)
My favorite green thing is Green Apple!


Сrystal said...

Green Bag lady are the best bags!!! Thanks for the chance to win one of your bags!

My favorite green thing is Kiwi :-)

Helen said...

My favorite green thing are vegetables. They are just so good for you. I crave them all the time :). Thanks for another great opportunity to win one of your fabulous bags.


Anonymous said...

Your bags are wonderful!

Nina said...

Please send me your fantastic bags

Wera said...

Belgorod wants your bags

Alex said...

Plastic is in the past, Teresa's bags in the future

Anonymous said...

I loved the green of Tennessee when I lived there for a few years. The best was I never had to water the grass. Love your bags. I made one for my sister. She liked the cats on it.
hawkibeaver (at) hotmail (dot) com

Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) said...

I adore your bags. My favorite green thing is....the green bag lady of course. And your determination to help the earth. I also love how green it gets here in TN....its a beautiful place to live.

Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) said...


Taty said...

Thank you for your care of nature! Of green things that I love - it is a green scarf and green cup of green tea :)

Anonymous said...

I know bags will be mine )

yelena said...

i sleep and i dream of your bags, Teresa!

Garaguliya said...

I dream to make shopping with your bag

evgeniy said...

Summer is approaching with your bags

Alex said...

nothing compares to your bags

Rita Bubu said...

My favorite green thing is sweet peas :) and I just love being green - recycling and saving our planet

Anonymous said...

Dum spiro spero
I hope i will receive your bags in my city

evgen1 said...

my wife wants your bag very much
Please give me a chance to win

big boss said...

as a chief of my company, i would like a bag from Teresa (my vice has already got it)

Anonymous said...


am said...

fantastic things from fantastic woman

Anonymous said...

dom_mail(at)i(dot)ua Hello from Kiev! I really want a bag for summer 2013!!!

Solskin said...

Green Bag Lady is a nice way for our care of nature! Thanks

My favorite green thing is grass in the winter :-)


Elisabeth said...

I'm married to an Irishman and green is my favourite colour so it would be so nice to win this giveaway. Thank you so much for the chance of winning a green bag!

eli (at) sharksdinner (dot) com

yanat said...

Thank you for your care of nature!

My favorite green thing is green tea!


Anonymous said...

Hey. I love nature, and when all the grass and clean. Thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful bags.

Наталья Аюпова said...

Good day! I am pleased to participate in the drawing, and I hope that I am lucky, because I do not have green bags. And would love to get it, because we are brunettes so goes green. Green bag can be used in different ways depending on the style and colors. I'll wait for total look, all the luck. Thanks in advance.

Elena said...

What a beautiful bag! My favorite green - it's sundress. And I love salads of green vegetables.


Anonymous said...

My favorite green thing is pistachio nuts. I love them very much.
Thank you for a green giveaway.
tintino4ka (at) yandex (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Bags are wonderful!

Kris said...


Krina said...

Thanks for the chance! nikikristi87(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

your bags are so cute, give me only one )
everybodyboy wants them

SisterCraft said...

Oh, my! So greeeeeeen! I'd like to be a part of it))) sistercraft(at)mail(dot)ru

Надежда Павлюк said...

I use you bags weekly for groceries! Green is my thing too!Hassle free!
Thanks for the chance!

Sharon said...

I have found so many ways to use my bags that yes I could use a green one. I use it for the grocery store,and now I will be using it for market. I gave my Mother the 2nd one so she could do this to and does and now my sister has moved back here so I have had to give her mine cause if anyone needed to do a little "go green" she Thanks for all you do!

Maria F said...

Hope that I can get this great green bag!


Centaurea said...

Wonderful green bags! It will be very great if one of this green bags will be my!)

centaurea-cyanus(AT)yandex(DOT)ru said...

Hi! Thanks for a new freebie! ! ! These bags as always the very cool! Green apples, green grass, green trees! I'm loving it! Thanks!

AniMi said...

I love green bags! Great not only for shopping, but you can carry books or something. And it is beautiful!
My favorite green thing is green green grass. :)
My email is:

Sorry for my english :)

Анюта said...

Hello! Green color associated with spring, it inspires me to desperate deeds. Green grass is one of the things that makes the world admire.


Sergei said...

My favorite green thing is green colour of nature :-) It's very important here in Siberia, xoxxx when you can see snow and snow half of the year!


Александра Флёрова said...

Cool bags!


Gill said...

My favourite green thing is Spring!!
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Keep them coming!

Iva said...

Teresa, all your things are wonderful.
I can't stop admire them and of course I would like to taste them in real life!

Renee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all y'alls work, love that you're local AND how awesome your products always are.

I know this will sound uber cheesey but I love shamrocks, emerald (my birthstone), and frogs.

lenta said...

yor green bags are wonderful especially in spring when everything wakes up

Anonymous said...

I love the new bags! I have found my bags in free boxes at rummage sales , which recycled them even before I got them! Thanks for all you do!

Lee said...

My favorite green is-
blog -Green Bag Lady
food - pears and mint!
thank you

Rea said...

Green is my FAVORITE color. I love the green of springtime. Green grass, green trees!

I'm at

Erin Noie Photography said...


My favorite green thing is... celery! Yummo with peanut butter!!

Thank you so much for the chance, love your bags!!

Gail S said...

I love "going green". Doublantante! gbs88(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks for the chance to win a green bag.

Sharon P said...

My new Dodge Dart! :D I love the bags you give out!

Anne Milkie said...


My favorite green thing is a four-leaf clover!

LilleBamse said...

Green Bag Lady is the best of the best projects! I love the bags you give out!
My favorite green thing is a Green Bag :-)


izumka said...

Hi! Green is one of my favorites. I have a lot of green things in the house. Crockery, vase and even the walls in the bedroom.

Petrushka said...

Green Bag Lady handmade totes, oooo:-) , I like them so much :-)
My favorite green thing is green peas


Anonymous said...

My fave green thing right now is my duvet!!! lol

Julia said...

I'm Irish, so of course I love green! I have a lot of favorite green things but right now I would love to see the green grass of spring!
Thank You for the giveaway! :)

juhaoneill (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...


Tatiana said...

Good day, Teresa. My name is Tatiana I am from Russia. My favorite green thing stray animals, especially cats. My children and I are saving homeless animals of the city of Kurgan, shelter not bring into your house, treat and arrange in good hands. This is a tragedy in our country, destitute animals. But my family and I try to raise their children with love and respect for nature. Your support would be invaluable.
Thank you.

My Adress:
Name Tatiana Koval

Tatiana said...

Sorry I made a mistake in the translation of the message. Final, I do not eat stray cats, and take away from the street and looking for their new home. My favorite green is potatoes.

Anna Crani said...

Green Spring is my favorite thing :)
We have snawdrops already came out in our yard :)
Hope this time I will be lucky to win one great green bag!

Anonymous said...

teresa, all you bags are wonderful.
They are fantastically goof
Plastic lovers smoke in the side when all the world admire your bags

heathorock said...

My birthday is right after St. Patrick's Day AND green is one of my favorite colors -- particularly on my walls or plants growing in my garden!
I'd love a St. Patrick's bag!!
heathorock (at) yahoo (dot) com

hula-la said...

What a great, great project! Please count me favorite green thing...oooo my child's birthstone...EMERALD!


Anonymous said...

green is my favorite