Photo Finish Friday

Signs of spring in my yard. The top one is my favorite tree, a huge Japanese Magnolia in my front yard
(see this post + this post). So gorgeous. I will very much miss it!

Cutest thing ever!

Beauty out of ugly.

Amazing! Yes!

Game changer.

Have you seen these photos? Collective sigh.

Great posters.

Have a fabulous weekend! Teresa


anita said...

What a big move! Sounds exciting though, as I often dream about starting a new adventure somewhere, and then settle back into my comfort zone of home. I wasn't familiar with your project but what a great thing it is- I would think Denver would be a good new home base, good luck!


MissesStitches said...

What beautiful flowers!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

@Anita, yes, it will be tough at first, but we are excited!

@Misses Stitches, thanks!

Burovik said...

You have flowers and we still have snow plus frost -5C. And the sun)))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I hope it warms up soon for you too Burovik!