California Bag!

Attached is a picture of me, my newest bebe (8 weeks new!) and the two gbl bags I have: #18647 & #22747. Also, all the other bags I used today!

Thanks bunches!
Yankee Hill, CA
Thanks for the photo Emilia and THANK YOU for all the wonderful fabric you have donated lately! We love it!


Emilia said...

Thanks so much for the bags! I use them all the time. I also sewed the "kid pack" and my purse! I wish I could sew dinner... and the dishes. I love how in the background there is a sign reminder that says don't forget your reusable bags. I didn't intentionally include that in the photo but it's perfect! Thanks again.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Emilia--Yes, I noticed the sign too, awesome! So glad you are enjoying your bags and using them. Making more from your fabric…