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Vinegar is such a very cool thing. So many uses. Eating, cleaning, disinfecting. When I move to Colorado, I really want to try more homemade cleaners using vinegar. I mainly use water and biodegradable soap, but using vinegar on a regular basis would help get things really clean. There is a great list of uses HERE and HERE and HERE. Do you have any vinegar tips for me? I'd love to hear them! Teresa


Kristina (The Greening Of Westford) said...

I love cleaning with vinegar. I mix about a 1/2 cup with water in a spray bottle (sometimes I add essential oils) and use it as an all purpose cleaner. I also have another spray bottle with straight vinegar that I use as a disinfectant. If you also keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with a spray top around, you have an amazing disinfectnat. TAke a look at these 2 posts:

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Great, thanks Kristina! Those are great suggestions.

Jen said...

I mix 1 part dish soap with 4 parts vinegar and use it for cleaning toilets, showers and anything that needs a lot of cleaning power oomph.

It doesn't smell that great, but we spray it in our shower once a week and then just rinse it out (you MIGHT have a wipe a few spots) and you are done with ZERO scrubbing... I accept the less than great aroma over simplified cleaning.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Awesome, thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Teresa!

A friend just shared the following Green Spring Cleaning Recipe for the Grout (I haven't tried it, but it sounds promising):

"7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar - throw in a spray bottle and spray your floor, let it sit for a minute or two... then scrub :)"

We have been using vinegar for house cleaning for quite a while now. We started because Jerry was extremely sensitive to any and all scents in the regular cleaning products, and now this is a part of our routine.

Thank you,

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That sounds great Gaia! Thanks!