A Toast to Tennessee Event

Yesterday we gave out 400+ bags at the A Toast to Tennessee Wine Festival. We had a great time and there were LOTS of people out there!

We were right next to Ric Oulsey from Ousley Ouch salsa. This is Ric and his son, Morgan, showing off their Green Bag Lady bags that they have gotten at past events. They use the bags to help carry the chips and salsa!
 Happy customers picking bags…

Thanks A Toast to Tennessee, we had a great time. Everyone, use your bags all the time! Teresa


harmony said...

Coincidentally I was at a wine event yesterday too! http://www.gualalaarts.org/Groups/GA-Presents/2013-05ArchitecturalTour-WineTasting.html
Looks like you had a fun. 400 bags is a lot! Happy bagging everyone.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That's awesome Harmony, I hope to be at GAC some year for that!