Photo Finish Friday

Ok, so there is a bit about this image and that dress and how it relates to Green Bag Lady. Because it DOES. Little Man is enjoying British Soccer Camp here in Colorado this week. Mid-week was "Wacky Wednesday" where the kids could dress up and they could also bring costumes for the coaches to wear. This dress came through Green Bag Lady in a fabric donation a couple of years ago. I could not bring myself to cut it up into a bag as it had so much costume potential (Betsy Ross, Ma from Little House on the Prairie, the grandmother from Little Red Riding Hood, etc). And, so, it came in handy on Wednesday and went to camp with Little Man. This lucky coach got to wear it for the day, such good sports. Hooray!
This is great. I wish I had gotten 3 of them!

Super helpful tips for donating to Goodwill.

What donut are you?

Facing extinction.

Does your cat have secrets?

Whoa, now this is upcycling!

This is very cool! Watch the video.

Have a wonderful + fabulous weekend! Teresa

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