Further West

We decided Colorado wasn't far enough west and are on a trip in California. We began at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. It was fascinating to find out how many steps are involved in the creation of one small jelly bean. Oh my.
 There were several bean mosaics there too. Who knew?
 After that we met our cousins in Fenton's for lunch and ice cream. A sugar filled day to say the least.
The couple on the right in the photo above are my cousin Rick (Bagette Dad's nephew) and his wife Wendy. We love to stay with them when we visit California. The hospitality is fantastic and the pool in the back yard isn't bad either! Wendy had a great idea that I thought I would share here. She reuses wine bottles as water storage in her frig. She simply washes them out, fills them with filtered water and caps them with a pretty cork. Bam, great tasting chilled water. Love it!
 It doesn't hurt that she has a bunch of these pretty stoppers for the tops of the bottles.
 Opening the door of her frig makes me happy.
Thanks for the great idea Wendy!

I am now in northern CA visiting Harmony. We have plans for a fun freebie next week. Stay tuned! Teresa


Tami C said...

I like Wendy's fancy corks! Hope you have a great time in Northern Cali!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

We are having a great time Tami!

Eduard Plotnikau said...

Have a nice voyage. Interesting encounters and discoveries.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you Eduard, we are having a great voyage!