Photo Finish Friday

Earlier this week on a hike HERE. I heart Colorado!

What the what?

Big Girl would love this. Click through all of them.

I need to make this.

This takes the cake.

This is for Bagette April. Amazing. Made from paper!

Have an amazing weekend! I'll see you back here on Monday. Teresa


April said...

Wow, my very own shout-out on Photo Finish Friday - I'm honored! Plus, the birds are AMAZING! I'm making some new ones using embroidered fabric and lace. Can't wait to show you.

Olga Suchkova said...


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Of course April, I adore you! Can't wait to see what you are making, crafty girl!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

It is Olga!

Anonymous said...

What the ????? OMG. People. Really? People. oh my.

On a lighter note, I'm gonna make that salad dressing tonight. :)