Russia Bag!

Thank You for bright bag №24801! Put in her toys and went with my son to walk, on the way back, went to the grocery store. From a long walk in the fresh air son fell asleep. And I had the idea to sew for our friends and relatives bags of old curtains and clothing that we're not going to wear. When I do this, I will write to You, but when it will be, I don't know yet, so as of now with a small child I have very little free time. And yet look what handkerchiefs I crocheted for our friends and relatives when I was waiting for the birth of his son.
Tatiana of Russia.

Tatiana--Your son is very handsome! I would like it very much if you make bags with old fabric and give them to friends and relatives. That would be wonderful! Your handkerchiefs are lovely. Teresa


harmony said...

Love it!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

What a great bag out of Harmony Art Organic fabric! :)

Anonymous said...

ziet er goed uit

Anonymous said...

смотрится неплохо