Photo Finish Friday

Who says is doesn't rain in Colorado? Not me. There is even flooding going on in some parts of the state. YIKES! 

Let's all make these with our kids!


I'm glad I'm a vegetarian.

You had me at brown butter.

I really, really hope this is real. (thanks Harmony)

I want to see this.

Have a fabulous weekend! Teresa


April said...

Have been seeing the reports about flooding. Hope all those we know are okay!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

As far as I know, everyone is ok!

Tami C said...

Have you heard anything from Barbara? She's been on my mind because Lyons is completely cut off from everything. Two of my quilting friends were vacationing in RMNP and had to go out over Trail Ridge Road to evacuate.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Barbara is fine. She is still in Maine. I talked to her today, she may stay there longer. Her husband had to evacuate Lyons due to flooding. He might stay with me this week. Thanks for asking Tami!

Маргарита Р said...

Good day! Glad to find like-minded people! The one who does not talk. My family does so for a long time, especially when leaving the nature of the city. Before you sit on the picnic we collect debris that appeared there before our arrival. And, of course, then taking with him to the nearest garbage can. I hope to win your wonderful bag and sew the pattern. But your work is so talented, it is unlikely that it will be so beautiful. In any case, thanks to you and your father for what you are doing to the planet.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you Marina, I hope you will enter the freebie that is up right now to win a bag!