Workday Wednesday

I'm not doing any sewing today. I'm finally tackling 3 dressers that have been patiently waiting in my garage for a new coat of paint. First up are two nearly identical ones for Little Girl's room. They both had some small holes (termites?) on the tops so I plugged those with wood filler last night and sanded the tops this morning. Then, it was on to painting! I am using this paint from Annie Sloan. Little Girl picked it out and I think they will be so sweet when finished.
 This one has a mirror that goes on the top. Super cute. I love all the details in these Craigslist finds.
This is a sneak preview of the finished pieces. I opted to leave the hardware on, paint it and then distress it. I love how it looks so far.
I have done the sanding and still need to cover everything with a clear wax. Then, done! Can't wait to put them in Little Girl's room and fill the drawers with items that are still in boxes from the move! I'll share finished photos, promise. What are you up to today? Teresa


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Tami C said...

You are painting beautiful oak again! But, I'm sure they will look just beautiful. Wednesday is lunch with my mother-in-law day. We have such a nice visit each Wednesday and today, hubby got the oil changed in her car.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Sharron!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


These dressers were in pretty rough shape. They had a lot of marks and worm holes on them. They really needed to be painted. :)

Glad you had a good day! See you Sunday.