Workday Wednesday

Hello there. What have you been up to this Wednesday? I've been making more houses for Little Girl's quilt that I first posted about last Wednesday. I'll now start putting the grey strips around all of them and then linking them together. Since I'm just winging this and not following a pattern (although I'm making all the block 12 inches high), I'm not sure if I have enough or not. I'll see as I go along. The great thing is if I need more, I'll just make more! As you can tell, I lopped off the tops of some of the houses. I like how it makes them a different shape. I'm thinking this quilt will be approximately the size of a twin size bed when finished.
And, while we are at it, lets talk about this great cutting table my friend Meg gave me. Sadly, she is moving from Colorado to California. She had this amazing cutting table that could not go with her and offered it to me. I'm. In. Love! It's incredible. The 36 inch X 70 inch cutting surface (she even gave me a cutting matt to go with it!) is metal so you can use magnets instead of pins when cutting patterns. I love how big it is to lay out things, like quilts!
Thanks Meg, you are the best! What are you working on today? Teresa


Lori said...

wow great table, love how your quilt is coming along

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Lori. Now that I have been working on that table for a week I'm not sure how I survived without it!