Cat Lover FREEBIE!

Are you a fan of cats? Then, this is the freebie for you! EIGHTEEN of you will win a lovely cat themed bag. Yipee!!! Can you spy the cats on those black bags?

Here's how to enter:

To enter to win a BAG (open to everyone, world-wide):
•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 9pm (MST) Tuesday, March 11. (winners will be notified no later than March 12 via email and here on the blog so CHECK BACK!)

Don't forget to leave us your email! We will only contact you if you win. 

In your comment, tell us your favorite cat. Mine is a TIGER!

We will randomly pick 18 lucky people to win CAT BAGS!

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, all your entries will be disqualified.

We will ship shopping bags internationally. You MUST use English for your comments. Do the best you can. Non-English comments will be removed.

Good luck! Teresa

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Maria said...

Junior the cat demanded that I enter!


Delorise said...

I love cats. I have 2 of them.

Marie W said...

I love cats. My cat is a maine coon mix and he is a tuxedo. He weighs 22 lbs and he lets me live in his house.

Marie W


Emilia said...

My favorite cat is my cousin's. Her name is Ellie and she drinks water with her paw (it's adorable).

emlouy (at) gmail (dot) com

DebraKay Neiman said...

I love cats and the mountain lion is a favorite since I started reading Faith Hunter's Skinwalker series. My sister has my favorite real cat. Kitty is a long hair yellow tabby and he is so pretty. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Sheri Fowler said...

I love Maine Coons - the bigger the better!!!


Nannette said...

My favorite of the ones we have is Mazda. She is a beautiful all white American Long Hair. dragonhall1(at)juno(dot)com

uma said...

I am a fan of cats and my favorite is siamese cat.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I own 6 cats, all strays or kittens of ferals, so I love cats ! Thank you for making these cat bags, they are awesome! My favorite cat on the internet would be Sir Stuffington!


Paula Z in AZ said...

I love my Maine coon mix, with his beautiful green eyes. His purr is so loud we named him "Turbo".

Thanks for the chance to win a Green Bag :D


Jenny Board said...

I know someone who would LOVE one of these bags!!!

jwarren1216 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mary said...

My cat's name is Gizmo. He is a grey rescue catwith beautiful green eyes that I found outside my office 10 yrs ago. I am not sure what kind of cat he is but I love him dearly. He rules our house! Gizmo says thank you for a chance to win a cool Green Cat Bag!

Mary Havlovic


Anonymous said...

I like all kinds of cats from mountain lions to tabbies. Thanks for a chance to win.
hawkibeaver(at)hotmail(dot)com BJ from Idaho

Anonymous said...

My fav cat is a tabby! I just love the markings on the forehead, the M-mark. I read once that while the baby Jesus was in the manger, He was cold, and a kitty curled up with Him to keep Him warm. To reward the kitty, Mary marked its head with an M. awww, I like to believe it anyway! :)

JoAnn Prim said...

Omg i love thrse. Cats are my favorite animals. Being allergic to them this will be a great way to have th with me all the time.

Dmitry said...

I am a fan of siamese cats.

Eduard Plotnikau said...

My cat is the best!

Alena said...

I love cats. I have two canadian Sphinx.


Илья маслаков said...

Very fond of cats.
There is one adult and one kitten completely.
My email:

оксана осина said...

I love cats! I live Scottish cat Frosi! my kids adore him!! I think I myself was a cat in a previous life!! without cats can not imagine my life!!! osinsfamily (at) gmail (dot) com

Надежда Морозова said...

I love Maine Coons!!!

morozova_8484(at)inbox(dot)ru said...

Since I have not yet received a bag, even though I promised I WANT TO WIN ... With Kotick is so cute)))

Burovik said...

I adore this kind of animals. I have a cat and a kitten that is always on my way.


lina kbyf said...

I love cats. I have a cat and kitten, whom she bore. they are conjoined
kbyf88 (dot) ca (at) gmail (dot) com

ANGELINA Emeeva said...

I love cats. I have a cat, she is black.
angelinaemeeva (at) gmail (dot) com

Dima Danilov said...

I am delighted with Maine Coons!
lbvfyxt (at) mail (dot) ru

Devika Fernando said...

it's impossible to choose a favourite cat! :D i adore them all, wild and domesticated. if i HAD to choose, i'd go for ocelot and for all long-haired cats like maine coon. and of course my two fur babies!

awesome bags that i just HAVE to win. ;-)


Lost Reality said...

I love puma! So strong and wild!


Alexey Eliseev said...

Who's that ringing at my doorbell?
A litle pussy - cat that isn't very well.
Rub its little nose with a little mutton fat,
That's the best cure fore a little pussy-cat.


Mariya Egorova said...

Dear Teresa! I love Siamese cats for their unusual and beautiful color!


Svetlana Romanova said...

I love cats. Thanks for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Teresa! I love animals, including cats! Now at my dacha live 2 cats and 1 dog. We now spring is coming: the bright sun and the snow melts! I wish You all the best!

beauty889 said...

Hi Theresa! Great, beautiful bag! Any bag would be amazing. I would love to win one of your beautiful bags! Very much I love cats!

Nathalie said...

Wow, here kitty kitty!

My favroite cats are the little cute kittens with tigerlike black and white stripes. I simply adore those. A blue-eyes orange version can make the cut too, if it whips up a nice smile.

U can send them kitty bags to Belgium any time ;-)
nvdbossche (at) gmail (dot) com

Marina Khrol said...

I adore my cats! I have three of them. They were all picked up in the trash (((but now they're all right, they live with us (my family) and we love them very much!!! elizavetka901(at)gmail(dot)com

Catherina said...

my cat redhead. He's very smart. I love my cat)))

Sharon Jones said...

My favourite cat is Harry Creek my Black Cat who is half Rag Doll. I adore black cats.

I know I have been lucky before and won a penguin bag, but golly oh golly a cat bag would be the purrrfect bag.


ANNA said...

I really like cats and Siamese cats are my favorites because they 'have the wonderful blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

I love cats!
They are the most intelligent, regal persons. They graceful posture. They worshiped in ancient Egypt.
I have my favorite of Cleopatra, but at home we call her Cleo easier. She has gray fur and hazel eyes. She loves to chase the ball around the room. Prefers to sleep on the bed with people, and favorite place on my chest or stomach.
  Sometimes spoil her vygulivaya on the street. She loves to drive pigeons. It is not just a pet - it is part of our family.

Julia Dawydowa said...

I really like cats, but I have never had a cat before =(. I like British Shorthair cat.I dream that one day I'll have a cat. Maybe my friends or parents give me a cat for my birthday, then I'll be the most happiest women in the world.


Anonymous said...

I love forest cats.

peggy said...

I have a 90+yr old lady that
I deliver meals on wheels to and she loves cats and I would like to win this for her! peggyjo2 at gmail dot com

Дарья Фёдорова said...

Hi! I very love kitti. I like Terssa. I have bag. my favorite cat siam. my @ - fiodorova1991(at)gmail(dot)com

LOLA ZA said...

I love all cats.)))

Marishka said...


I love savannah cat!

Olga Saveljeva said...

I love cats! I love them, because they are soft and fluffy, and even for the fact that they are very independent.
Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

I love cats! I have one and he is the most adorable!
Thank you for a chance.

Anonymous said...

I love your bags. And those with cats are just adorable!
I like all kinds of cats.
Thank you.

Gala said...

I love my cat!

Lori said...

I love cats. I grew up in a household of cats and we have one now. He is a Russian Blue Mix and weights in at 23 lbs. Mostly just big boned and big. I love the Snow Lepard.
Thanks for a chance. I may give this one to my daughter who loves cats also and is starting to use cloth bags at the store also.

Tanya Bukovkina said...

My cat's name is Busya :) It likes to bite and scratch. But I really love my cat <3


Tanya B. from Russia

Ekaterina Z said...

My daughter loves cats. She really like this bag!!


Yulia said...

I love cats!!!

quiltmom said...

Gorgeous bags- my favorite cat Mars- she was a much beloved cat that we had for 15 years.. We miss her so much..
Many thanks for the chance to win such fun bags,

Bedford said...

I just love cats. At home I live 5 cats. I hope that I will get a handbag :) Have a nice day!

Michael said...

It's know among some people that I happen to love cats and I have 5 that will tell you that.One is Piccolo.

Anonymous said...

Love these! My cat Ace would love to check out one of your bags! Karenncrafts (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for all you do!

Vera said...

love the bag with a panther! The most beautiful)). I love cats since childhood. Cats are the best!

Олеся Кононченко said...

I love British cats! They are so lazy.. )I have one, Tiffany.

Tatiana Misharina said...

Very wonderful bags! I just love cats! But there is no possibility to find yourself. I love British rock! Thank you!

Maria Sidorova said...

Want such a cute cat lived with me in Russia. 3171066sidorova (at) gmail (dot) com

Julia said...

Hello Teresa!
My favorite cat - this is my white cat breed Siberian. His name is Snowball. I love him with all my heart.
And also I love tigers, because I was born in the year of the tiger :)

darlene macdonald said...

Love Siamese especially the ones that were in Lady in the Tramp. Naughty weren't they? LOL Thanks for the giveaway! =^..^=

Beth said...

My favorite cat? A tabby, these days--we have five of them!

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Andrey Kryukov said...

I and my wife loves cats.


Albina Minnebaeva said...

I also love cats. I have a gray cat with green eyes. she's my best friend!


Anonymous said...

I have had cats since I was a child except for a few years during college and grad school.We have a tuxedo cat named Sasha . . . she runs our house!


Vladimir said...

I love my cat Maria, she is just usual cat - but i love her.
She is the best for me.


Julija Bjelobrk said...

My favourite cats are British cats.
Thanks for a chance to win!

Charlene McCullough said...

My favorite cat is a Maine Coon.Mine was 20 yrs when he passed this past fall. I have 46 that I take care right now. I've just about every type and color. Love the all. By the way they reside in a heated CAT HOUSE. Would love to have one of the bags. Thanks for the giveaway. katztoo1(at)frontier(dot)com

Sveta said...

Hello! Very fond of cats and no matter what breed. Thanks for such a great bag.

Lidija said...

Hello! Our whole family loves cats of any breed. We have things to cats, so really want to have such a beautiful bag. Thanks for such a great bag.

Sue D said...

Wonderful cat bags. We have 2 right now. My favorite was a tortoiseshell cat we had years ago.
slrdowney (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

kitty kitty kitty!!! love cats.
lau123 at gmail dot com

Anna Volnova said...

I love cats and I live at home lump Musya Sacred Birman! Lovely bags!

Volin Nikolay said...

Seals are wonderful and the pictures seem fluffy fabric. Thank you Teresa

Toby said...

My favorite cat is Polydactyl . I love all the extra toes!


Galina said...

My favourite is a Persian cat!

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Maine Coon. They all are so cute) Thanks for the great chance

Yura said...

very beautiful cats! I like them.

Gata Blanca said...

Hi! I love all cats. Breed does not matter.

Vera said...

I like the Bengal cats. Vera_straxova(at)mail(dot)ru

Мустафаева Жанна said...

Hello! My family and I are very fond of cats! At our house lives a very beautiful black fluffy cat, his name Barsik . My whole family loves the cat photos and paintings. We are very pleased to receive your bag with cats. My would be ecstatic! ! Many thanks in advance! Email

Anonymous said...

My cat is sleeping the afternoon away. He is so lovely.



iirinka said...

I very much love kittens!


Carrie O said...

I love all the kitties in the world!


Laurie said...

I am like you and love big cats - tigers have always been my favorite! Thanks for another great giveaway!


Lee said...

I love the Big Cats too - I love Panthers! thanks!

Linda said...

Love your green kitty bags. I was searching online for bag idea's and I found your web site, so glad I did. I love cats and green bags too! email is

Maria L said...

hi! I love my cat, his name Nafanja. It is white with blue eyes :)

altiatrell said...
I prefer Felis manul =)

Kristina said...

I love kittens. they are fluffy)

Anna said...

I love cats very much! Your bags very nice =)
anuuutkin (at) gmail (dot) com