Uma Earns a Bag

Hi Teresa/Team,

I write this mail to share my story towards reducing the usage of plastic related items in previous city Chennai and request you a green bag for me

About me:_ I came to US on 27th Jan, 2014. I am from Chennai, India and I was working in a software company before. Since my husband got assignment in NJ, I also moved here on H4 Visa.

How I came to your blog page:

I was browsing through some articles on eco friendly stuffs as I wanted to volunteer regarding the same if I find something in NJ and came across your blog. I started searching your name in Google and saw your video as well. Great Work. I am short of words to appreciate your work. In particular I want to thank your dad and other team members who help in this initiative.

My Story!!

I am a shopaholic and I go around the city in my two-wheeler. Previously grocery, Clothes, fruits and vegetables shops gave plastic bags for free.

But soon after Tamil Nadu (One of the first states to ban use of plastic less than 40 microns thick concerned over plastic waste wreaking havoc with the environment) govt imposed rules regarding plastic bags that shops should charge customer few bags if they are using it and thus people in my city started using reusable jute bags for this.A welcome change indeed!! Hence I carried my own jute bags in my two-wheeler for shopping and stopped using plastic bags.

The Picture Story!!!

When I went to Besant nagar beach in my city. I saw plastic cups ruining the beauty of the beach as well causing environmental threat. What I did was I picked those cups n put those in garbage bin meant for recycling. One score for me :)

Take care

Great job Uma! Thanks for recycling all those plastic cups. Both the beach and I thank you! Please tune in tomorrow to see a photo of Uma and her Green Bag Lady bags. Want to earn a bag too? Go HERE for all the details. Teresa

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