Knoxville Bags!

Hi Teresa!
I've distributed about 135 bags the past couple of months, most made from the production samples of Swavelle/Mill Creek fabric donated by Meltem Sonmez Burr.  The attached photo is just a few of my family in Danville, KY who were happy to take home a bag (or two!) on Easter Sunday.  It is such a joy to give this beautiful fabric a new life!
Coordinator of Green Bag Lady Knoxville (Tennessee)
Sara is AWESOME and I absolutely adore her. She has singlehandedly taken on the formation of Green Bag Lady Knoxville and does an amazing job. Thank you Sara!!!! Teresa


Собака Собако said...

good picture, everybody is happy))

Marie W said...

Way to go Sara. Thanks for all you do.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Everyone is happy about their cute bags!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes Marie! I completely agree!!!