Photo Finish Friday

Blanket of snow yesterday morning.

I want to go there!

This is awesome. Watch both clips!

Found in Nature

Awesome rolling pins!

Birds eye view!

Lastly, the happiest video on all the internet! (I dare you not to smile)

Have a fantastic weekend! I'm going skiing on Saturday and recovering from that on Sunday. What are you up to? Teresa


Burovik said...

The snow has fallen just like for the first time in the beginning of winter!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That's how is works here in CO Burovik. We get dumped on and then it pretty much melts the next day. So different from what I grew up with in Minnesota!

Burovik said...

And in Minnesota there is snow in winter? Or on the contrary?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Oh yes, MN still has snow. They get a lot of snow and it is REALLY cold there. That is the worst part is now cold it is!!! Once they get snow it doesn't usually melt entirely until spring.