Photo Finish Friday

My family and I went hiking last weekend to Echo Lake by Mount Evans, CO.
I like caves, but have zero interest in this one.


This makes me proud of my alma mater! Go gophers!

Yes, please!

Very cool. (thanks Harmony)

These are right up my alley.

My mom used to make this, I need to try!

A bit too late for Mother's Day this year, but so sweet!

Cutest idea EVER for fabric scraps!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope something fun. I can't believe the kids are out of school already. Summer here we come! Teresa


Burovik said...

It's probably high in mountains? I see some snow and the creek (river) is apparently freezing?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes, Burovik, pretty high. I think 10,000 feet. We live at 6,000 feet. I was surprised how much snow and ice there was on our hike!