Belgium Bags!!!

Hello Teresa,
I'm sending you some pictures of my green bags. I got them last week and I'm very happy with them. 
One picture shows the replacements for bags that did not make it across the ocean to Belgium. When I won a bag in the summer freebie and the 2 bags had not arrived in 3 months, I let your father know. He could save wrapping and shipping by adding the replacement bags to the freebie one. If the missing ones ever make it here, I'll give them away.
I gave the green one to my mom and the yellow one stays in my car, so I always have it with my when shopping for the weekly groceries.

I usually go a shop called Colruyt. I don't know if they have branches in the US too. They have a pretty unique concept when it comes to being ecological. They let the customers use the cardboard boxes used to ship stuff to the store and they have plastic foldable crates for sale. The idea is that you take your shopping cart to the cashier, put your cardboard/plastic containers in a new cart that is waiting there for you. Then the cashiers scan your goods and nicely stack everything in them.  U can see it in this file (google can translate the dutch for you if you wanna know more).

I see the paper or plastic question in US TV-shows, but it's never asked here. No supermarkets do paper bags and they have all banned disposible plastic bags. Supermarkets are simply not allowed to give the plastic disposibles to their customers for free. A lot less ppl ask for them now you have to pay for them. Most shops went to re-usable sturdy plastic and colruyt stayed with the crates and boxes philosophy. So now I use the green bag for the stuff that doesn't fit in the crate.
The other picture shows the bags that reside in my purse. One of them is yours, won at the summer freebie. I really like the fabric :-) The other is a project from sewing class. I use them when I go to town on my bike for small errands. 

FYI I do not work for Colruyt, I just love shopping there ;-)
kind regards,
Nathalie Van den Bossche


Tami C said...

Most of women in my family usually carry a Green Bag Lady bag in their purse. My mother-in-law loves them for carrying her books home from the library. Thanks for sharing about how your favorite store handles the groceries!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Mine too Tami! Love the thin ones for carrying in my purse. I'm even taking 3 with me on vacation. :)

harmony said...

I heart Belgium!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Even more now Harmony!