Virginia Bags!

Dear Teresa
You kindly sent me two bags as a gift for donating fabric.
I gave the second bag to my granddaughter Emma D.
The second bag is a 'my pretty pony' fabric. Emma is calling it her "Friends" bag
and uses it to carry numerous stuffed animals and other treasures.
Here is a picture of me with my bag #28686
And Emma and her bag #28687.

Thank you for the work you do and hope my fabric is of some use!

Carol Kaffenberger
Thank you for the fabric Carol! It has already been used to make many bags. Your granddaughter is darling! Teresa

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Unknown said...

My beautiful new bag just arrived by bike messenger sent by 'Urban Mattress' in Berkeley. It contained a new mattress cover. Thank you for your lovely bag which I will definitely use over and over because I'm a 'bag lady' too.