Another MN Bagette…one I have known all my life!


I asked Barb if she would like to cut labels, and she has done about 300
so far. I had offered to Iron 20 bags for GBL, and asked Barb if she liked to
iron? She said "I don't mind". I brought the 20 over and we ironed the
top hem and the label on.

I will give to Lisa to sew handles, and get more to iron if needed.

Bagette Dad

"Gramma" Barb is a very close friend of our family. I have literally known her all my life. I never knew either of my biological grandmothers and Barb knew that and "adopted" me and my siblings as her own. She is one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. To top it all off, she is now helping with Green Bag Lady MN! Wow. Thanks Barb, love you! Teresa

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