Photo Finish Friday

Are you ready for this?
My husband would love to use this and I would love the aesthetics of it!

I'm going to paint and redo a bench soon, love this inspiration for the top!

These are amazing!

This is awesome.

I don't have one of these coffee makers, but this is a great idea.

Crazy stuff.

I'm so full in belly and heart from festivities while typing this. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving too! Teresa


Burovik said...

Nice fir-tree! Where is it?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Down the street from me in my neighborhood.

Lada said...

wonderful Christmas tree ! pity that in our city is almost decorate the Christmas tree on the street (often only at home ) .but in Nizhnevartovsk everyone wants to decorate your yard and the area near the shops . very festive and fun!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for the comment Lada!