Update on Green Bag Lady CANADA!

Here is a little update from Bagette Linda up in Canada. She is a busy beaver making beautiful bags. Aren't they lovely? Not as lovely as Linda though, she is simply darling. Thanks Linda for all your hard work! We appreciate you so so so much! Teresa
 Love that bird fabric!

Hellooo Teresa and Hellooo Bagette Dad, 

Congratualtions on reaching 30,000, that's wonderful!

I now have 50 bags ready to be numbered…all from a Vancouver donation a few weeks back.
Teresa, I get a lot of pleasure out of making your bags, being a small part of your project..and then the compliments I receive when I share them, woohoo!  I've surprised even myself at the number I have produced. 
The pile spread out on the round table has some smaller gift bags along the front. It was some really cute smaller pieces of fabric, I couldn't resist. 

Cheer's from Bagette Linda

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