Update: Green Bag Lady Canada

I cannot tell you all how much I admire and adore Bagette Linda in Canada. Not only has she singlehandedly taken on the creation and operations of this branch of Green Bag Lady, she tirelessly pursues fabric donations and manages to make gorgeous bags out of scraps! Wow! Great job Linda, keep it up. We are all rooting for you!

From Bagette Linda:
Hi Teresa, 
I'm feeling a little ( a lot actually) emotional at the moment.. 
Do you remember a lady emailed you back about August?  Wendy Bryant from Atlantic Canada?  She had a donation and we all exchanged a few emails but she didn't want to ship it as far away as I am.  
I had thought about it a few days and decided to email her and asked if she would be willing to send it if I pay for the postage. She was hesitant but I persuaded her..and in the end she said she'd pay for shipping herself. Then she said she would send it October, but nothing happened. Then October 31st she asked for my address.  
Well I received Wendy's box today!!!   Oh my goodness, I feel so overwhelmed with the generousity of complete strangers. Three of her fabrics are out of this world beautiful. 
I have wanted to make more for the Church and yet I couldn't force the fabric to happen. 
This is a prayer answered.  
I wrote and thanked Wendy and told her she is A Star! 

And the multi-green swirl 5 bags. It has small gold flecks all thru it, it's lovely. 
I still have 40 labels left over, so it looks like 40 bags coming up. 
Here (in the photos) I have 2 of Wendy's solid, heavy-like-linen?  This linen glides through the machine beautifully. And I've used smaller remnants to dress up the bags, the remains of smaller pieces from Kate. Our Vancouver-New Brunswick Green Bags. My goal this weekend is to make 40 bags for The Chilliwack United Church. I'm almost there. :)  

This has been fun fun.  It's cold and sunny here this weekend, so it's been a perfect weekend in front of the sewing machines. 

Bagette Linda


BagetteLinda said...

I love love love this project Teresa, and I couldn't be happier about how well it's been recieved. All for a little smile :) and a good deed done well.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Well Linda, we love love love you! :)

Tami C said...

Way to go Linda! You have made some very lovely bags! Maybe if you ask around you can find someone to join you in Green Bag Lady Canada. We really enjoy ironing, sewing and laughing when we get together! You are doing great!

Baggette Tami <3

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree with everything Tami said!

Unknown said...

beautiful bags! pretty colours!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I agree! They are so pretty.