Workday Wednesday

Are you ready for the holidays? We celebrate Christmas around here and I'm trying to get everything out the door that needs to be mailed! It's tough when you make a lot of your gifts.

This year the kids and I went to one of those painted pottery places and made gifts for my mother-in-law. I made the big plate, Big Girl made the monogram plate, Little Girl made the birds and Little Man chose the cupcake. I think they all turned out so cute!
I also made my mother-in-law some personalized cutting boards. Turns out wood burning is relatively easy. New craft to me, love it!
 For my brother-in-laws family…
 And my sister-in-law…
What are you making for the holidays? Do tell! Teresa


Sandy Chavez said...

I am making a pillowcase for my grandson. A "gear" bag for a sewing friend. Making 3 dresses and altering one for my daughter's wedding in January. Not too many handmade gifts this Christmas. Right after we get back from the wedding (to be held in Puerto Vallarta), I get my shoulder joint replaced (great fun, huh?), so I won't be doing much sewing until the last half of the new year.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


I hope your surgery goes well!

Sounds like you are one busy gal! Keep up the great sewing.