Ukraine Bag!

Hello David and Theresa!
I congratulate you on holiday!
My name is Nikita. I live in Ukraine. My mother and I love your blog. My
mom loves to sew. Early last year, my mother won you the bag. One we
gave our grandmother, and the second bag parents put us gifts under the
Christmas tree for the New Year. I am sending you a photo. The bag is
very beautiful with penguins and is suitable for a holiday. Thank U!
We live in Kramatorsk. Nearby (60 km) from the city's front line. In the
summer we heavily bombed and we had a month to leave our house and the
city. I have a younger brother. He 2.7 years. This year we want only
peace and wish it all!
I wish you luck, happiness and success in your good deeds!
Nikita Belik


Barbara from Ukraine said...

Привет, Никита.
Я тоже живу на Украине. И тоже, как и ты, больше всего на свете хочу МИРА.
Эта сумка замечательная, уверена что она будет приносить тебе только положительные эмоции.

This bag is wonderful. I like its print and color.
And I am too from Ukraine and I wish all a peaceful sky.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

It is a cute bag, I love that they used it for wrapping paper under the tree.

Burovik said...

Здоровеньки булы, Никита. Я-то из России,но детство прожил во Львове. Хочу пожелать конец войне как можно скорее. Уже этой весной.

Yeah, the bag is awesome, I took place in that bag lottery but the luck was not on my side...
I used to live in Ukraine in Lwow and the war on the East Ukraine cannot but hurt my heart! Peace to all of you!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

My heart goes out to everyone effected by the war there too Burovik.

Unknown said...

Good one