Photo Finish Friday

Little Girl and I went on a snowy walk…
This guy is pretty cool!

In honor of President's Day. So cute.

Growing up in Minnesota, I saw lots of these.

What to do with paint chips

Very cool. I love bees.


To make!

What are your plans this weekend? We have many things going on but I hope to spend some time with my kids and my sewing machine, you? Teresa


Lori said...

I love these sites you share. thank you. how are you doing?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Glad you enjoy them Lori. I'm doing GREAT! I feel tons better and no headaches, thanks for asking. :)

Tami C said...

Loved the Ellen & Macey interview. She is such a cute little girl! I'm hoping that the Honey on Tap gets developed for commercial use. Maybe more bees would survive that way. Really laughed at the Mom trying to get things done! My weekend is stuffed full with moving! I sure open the big snow comes after they deliver our stuff to the new place!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I hope the move goes well Tami!