Photo Finish Friday

Do you see her? This is right outside my sewing room window!
Close up! Isn't she darling?
 To make this weekend. Or this!

These are awesome.

I need more pie in my life.

Let's all make some of these.

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm going to be on the lookout for more fawns! I pick up Little Girl at camp tomorrow morning. Missed her to pieces! Drop off Big Girl at camp on Sunday. Wow. Summer, summer. Hugs to all of you + happy weekend! Teresa


Cheri, the Quilting Nanny said...

I just wanted to tell you... I think of you sometimes.... I have been making a lot of tote bags for my church..they are a bit more than yours but they have a reason...the kids. I put a row of slot pockets on the front for the kids to stick 10 crayons in. The kids love them, and the teachers are begging to keep the totes I started making some for the adults...and instead of the crayon pockets.. I just made 2 larger one...for cell, keys etc. But I have to compliment you and your work with your bags. I follow your blog via email and often wondered why you do so I know! When I hear others like my work so much they beg for it...makes me feel accomplished and and makes me want to make more knowing I am helping others! Thanks for the inspiration!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


How nice! It is fulfilling isn't it? Yes, that is why I kept going when I started, people liked them so much and I would see people using them. Also, such a great way to use up fabric that has no other purpose. I don't know where you live, but please let me know if you would like to start a chapter of Green Bag Lady in your area. We need more people like you! :)