Europe--Last Day

We spent our last day in Germany visiting friends. We went to their neighborhood pool (so refreshing!) and out to dinner and ice cream. Big Girl had the idea to recreate an ice cream photo of the kids when they were little. Look at how tiny Little Man was!!!! Thanks Europe, we had a splendid time and looking forward to going back. Teresa

These were the favorites:

Teresa--seeing Ruth and going to the castles with her
Hubby--Auerbach Castle
Big Girl--Walking around Lorsh, Autobahn, ice cream
Little Girl--ice cream, chocolate croissants
Little Man--Prezels
Austria (Salzburg)
Teresa--pretty town, bread, Dom Cathedral
Hubby--Castle, pizza
Big Girl--Walking around, the view, bread
Little Girl--beds in the hotel, painting bought on the street, bread
Little Man--ice cream for 1 Euro near hotel
France (Strasbourg)
Teresa--hotel, bakeries, cathedral
Hubby--History Museum
Big Girl--People, strawberry tarts, food
Little Girl--eclaires, ham+cheese sandwich with pretzel bun, shopping (sales!)
Little Man--ham sandwich with pretzel bun


harmony said...

Love the redo photo! OMGoodness their smiles are the same.
Sounds like you all had a great time.... so happy for you. Making memories none of you will ever forget. :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes, I'm loving that redo photos too. Need to make more of them!

Thanks we did have a great time. Miss you though!