Washington Bag!

I was so sad when Bagette Barbara moved to Washington state this past summer. She started as a bagette in Tennessee after the Nashville flood in 2010. She moved to Colorado in 2012 when her husband took a job in Boulder. As luck would have it, my family moved to Colorado in 2013 and Barbara helped me start the Green Bag Lady chapter here. She's awesome!

Last week I got an email from a lovely woman named Bell (don't you love that?) in Washington State. She was interested in starting a Green Bag Lady chapter there. Aaaaand, she lives only 10 miles from Barbara! YAY! The two of them are cooking up plans to get the chapter going. More on that in another post. Barbara gave Bell the lovely bag below when they met for lunch. How nice! I'm beyond excited to hear more from them.
Hi Barbara,
Picked up a few items from my local grocery store, and the cashier said - What a pretty bag!

Thanks again for meeting with me and for the pretty bag!
- Bell


Golf head said...

I am so excited to make MORE beautiful bags and spread them all over our beautiful green state!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


CherylC said...

"She's (Baguette Barbara) awesome!" DITTO!

BD said...

Not quite. We use the spelling Bagette Barbara, as in a small bag person, as opposed to baguette (a loaf of bread :)