Announcing!!!! Green Bag Lady--The Netherlands, Achterhoek Region

That's a mouthful! We are thrilled to pieces to announce our SECOND Green Bag Lady chapter in The Netherlands. Thank you Ingeborg, who is a biology teacher,  for reaching out to us. Welcome to Green Bag Lady! We are so glad you are here. :) Teresa

Top photo: Some of the bags that Ingeborg has made already!

Bottom photos: Your bags arrived safely in the Netherlands, here one of them is taking an excellent view from my workspace, Nijmegen Radboud University! Ingeborg


Tami C said...

Welcome to Green Bag Lady! Many of us bagettes got started making bags after receiving a freebie bag ourselves. Welcome from Bagette Tami!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

That's true! Good thing we keep doing the freebies! :)