Workday Wednesday

I've had a very fun week beginning with my birthday on Monday. Yipee! My kids made me a cake, it might not be the prettiest, but it was incredibly YUMMY!
 On Tuesday some of my super cute friends took me out for brunch, so fun.
I worked on some more tennis and yoga pouches. I sold all the yoga ones before I was able to put them in the shop.
 I sewed a couple huge stacks of bags ready for handles.
And made a few out of Harmony's fabric. Why??
Because I'm going to visit her tomorrow! I'm so excited. I haven't seen her in almost 3 years. We are going to have so much fun. :) Teresa


harmony said...

OMG!!! SO excited to see you! 3 years?! Where does the time go?????

Tami C said...

Your cake looks Yummy! Your super cute friends are sweet as well as cute! As for bags, I have just 5 bags until I'm finish with the kiddo bags! Hope you have arrived and are having a great reunion with Harmony!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know Harmony, SO good to be HERE with you! :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Tami--The cake was delicious even though it was not pretty. :) I'm sure you have finished those bags by now, thanks! Harmony and I are having a great time. :)