Photo Finish Friday

A blanket of white when I woke up this morning. And, eggs from a new neighbor who has chickens. YAY! I haven't had fresh eggs since Nashville. They are soooooo good.

This looks yummy.

Oh, how I wish this was true!

Pretty + easy DIY.


Also, funny.

love, Love, LOVE this!!!!! Simply awesome.

The snow is still pouring down outside but that's ok, I have lots to do today, mainly cleaning. My sister and her family and coming in tonight for spring break. She has been here several times but her family has not. That means I need to have a presentable house, right? Gotta run. Have a fabulous weekend! Teresa


Burovik said...

We also saw heaps of snow this morning. And a little frost as well. This was a greeting of Arctica as they said on TV... I crave for the sun and Spring, it is closing in, I feel! Stay the way you are, Teresa, we all look forward for the news you post!)))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Burovik. I, too, am looking forward to spring. We were having some really nice days here (even temps in the 70s!) and now we have snow again. Ah well, we need the water here in Colorado even if it is flaky and frozen! :)

Anonymous said...

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