Toxins All Around Us, UGH!

About a month ago we had a water line break under one of the sinks in our house. ARG! We had water all over the 2nd level bathroom floor, in the carpet of the adjoining rooms, the ceiling in the hall below AND the ceiling in the garage. YUCK! 

On the plus side, we were lucky in many ways. The water was clean, we were home and awake so caught it before it was a complete disaster AND we found out (after a $500 test) that we do not have asbestos in our drywall. YAY! Lemonade out of lemons…

Asbestos was very common in houses built before 1970 because it was very inflammable and helped contain fires. However, it wasn't then known how dangerous the substance became once it was airborne. Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of a very rare form of cancer called mesothelioma.

After a week of HUGE fans blowing everywhere in the house, we were able to save the carpet, tile and most of the drywall. We still have some baseboards and paint to redo, but overall, we are back to normal.

It does take an event like this, and a $500 bill, to remind us how many potential toxins we live with on a daily basis. Check out the chart above and start a mission in your own home to be as toxin free as possible. Teresa


harmony said...

great infographic. Thanks for sharing this! Textiles are definitely on the LIST.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Yes they are Harmony, we are bombarded by SO much.