Colorado Bags!

I got this nice email from Ina, see below, and some follow up photos. Glad the bags arrived to you safely Ina, enjoy and welcome to Colorado! Teresa

Good day,

My name is Ina. My husband and I received your shopping bags in the Philippines around 3 years. Well, we really made use of your bags while doing grocery shopping there. Your high quality bags were very practical. We wore them many times that one was of them was even worn after heavy kilograms of vegetables. 

Now we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Among the things we put in our suitcase was your grocery bag. We realized that in US all supermarkets are not environment friendly and consume too many plastic bags. We already got more 100 plastic bags within a month and the number keeps increasing. We really would like to care about environment. My husband and I were wondering if we could get grocery bags from you again, so we could decrease usage of plastic bags in US. I could sew bags on my own but I don't have a sewing machine.

Please let me know if that it is possible. Thanks.


Dear ma'am Teresa,
Finally was able to take a few photos with my husband and our grocery bags only today. Thank you so much. A lady from local  supermarket complimented the bags 😃.


harmony said...

Cute story! Fun that they have come "home" to Colorado!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know, crazy, huh?