Photo Finish Friday

At Lowes. Gotta love a flower that's as big as Little Man's head!
I'd like to see this.

Bought these and love them!

Little Man would love these for his fish, I would love them for their beauty.

Little Girl loves mermaids, we need to watch this! Such a throw back!

Summer project with the kiddos.

Love the first two. Could spend lots of time there!

To try!

Whew, busy day and didn't get this posted. Went to visit the Colorado College of Mines with Big Girl this morning. It's very cool and she loved it. I'm happy it's only 20 minutes from home! It's so bazaar that I only have one more year with her at home. Sigh. When I started this blog she was so bitty! Off to get some sewing done. Have a great weekend. Teresa

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