Workday Wednesday

Well, hello there. How are you? Anyone else feel like time has been speeding up? Maybe it's my own little space/time continuum?? I can't believe it's Thursday already. I've still been working on a lot of alterations with breaks for fun things like parties and tennis. We got to spend Mother's Day at Bagette Sheila's house and even though it's been 10 years (whoa) since my own mother passed away, I got to pretend that Sheila's cute mom belonged to me! Isn't she darling??
 I finished a HUGE order from my etsy shop. 13 tennis pouches and 13 tennis towels. They will be gifts for a high school senior tennis team. Cute!
Finally, zipped some bags through the serger. This always feels good and so productive. The bottom 1/2 of the stack contains 60 solid colored bags. I'm going to be speaking at an elementary school next Friday and the kids will be decorating bags. Love doing that.
And you? How is your life? Are you in the same speedy space/time continuum as me?? Teresa

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