Ukraine Bag!

Dear Teresa, Dear Mr. VanHatten

Please forgive me for long silence, we had a truly terrible rainy weather this May, so I couldn't take a decent picture outside. However, I am sending you the shot of your lovely bag #36717 which has travelled all the way to the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv-city! I can't say that this picture is decent enough since I am not a photogenic person (and I do not like myself on this pic), but the BAG seems to be very photogenic for both of us:) It looks thin but do not be deceived by it - inside we had few bottles of juice plus petty groceries (one of the bottles of the same color as the bag I actually have in my hands). The bag is definitely a very helpful thing - it takes little space, it is as light as a feather, it will not tear easily as plastic bags do and will not soak and fall apart as paper bags tend to, and above all it is an eco bag and, damn, its stylish and trandy, so again, thank you a whole million for such wonderful present!!! It will be my little helper from now on The second bag - striped one #36718 has found itself a home at my parents place - I just had to spread the word on #BeFabric vibe!

All the best to your hardworking team and let the Green Bag way of life

From Ukraine with admiration,

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