France Bags!

Hello, dear friends: Teresa, Bagette Dad and all other members of the «Green Bag Lady» team! I have pleasure to say, that I have successfully received my first bags! Now I am officially with you, in your great project of protecting the nature.

I was always concerned about nature protection. For example, I have never thrown away trash nowhere except trash cans (and I try to convince other people to behave the same way), I try not to buy cosmetic aerosols, which destruct ozone layer. Here, in France, we also have eco-protective program, called TRI: it means to separate hard plastic and some other materials from  trash, and to throw them away to special containers. But speaking about shopping bags: plastic and paper bags are still frequently used here. But now I will try to say my word about it, and to promote cloth bags as stylish and easy way to protect the nature. Of course, alone I won’t be able to change the mentality of all people, but at least I will show them good example.

And surely this letter wouldn’t be complete without photos. On first photo you can see my cat. She was also very glad to receive bags =) She didn’t let me make photos of bags without her. Her name is Lisa, we adopted her from shelter three months ago. It’s also one more way to save the nature: to adopt animals from shelter or to take them from streets, instead of buying them. Could be good, if more and more people started to do it.

Now I have dream: one day I hope to obtain one more of your cloth bags, with a pattern of animals (I like them).

Thanks you so much for all you do!
Sincerely, Natasha

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